Unfortunately, no matter how much we do to improve workplace safety and prevent injury in our daily lives, injuries still happen. When they do, BMI’s skilled physical therapists help make the recovery process quicker and more successful in two key injury treatment areas: our telemedicine service for companies, and our clinical staffing and oversight for physician clinic-based care.


The Telemedicine Program is designed to provide a source of information for the employees to assist with self-treatment of minor work-related aches and pains.  It allows our experts to engage in a clinical consultation at a distance and provide concrete measures the employees can take to decrease the symptoms associated with their injury. By adhering to our strict telemedicine protocol, this injury treatment program helps companies reduce recordable injuries while maintaining OSHA compliance.  By treating the employee with a first aid approach, OSHA does not require the injury to be reported as a recordable incident.  This is a win-win program for both the employee and the company!

When the need arises, employees are encouraged to seek the advice and First Aid recommendations as set forth by BMI’s licensed physical therapists. Based on the discussion between the employee and the physical therapist, occasionally it is determined some injuries may result in a recommendation for the employee to seek medical attention. However, our findings show when caught early, first aid strategies typically can keep symptoms to a minimum and help speed recovery.  First aid recommendations include, but are not limited to ice/heat, stretching exercises, and recommendations regarding the use of over-the-counter medications, ace bandages, over-the-counter joint supports and/or compression techniques.


The goal of BMI-operated clinics is to return our patients to their highest level of function as quickly and as safely as possible after an injury or disabling condition. Our dedicated and experienced staff of licensed therapists utilizes a comprehensive approach to the evaluation, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. We work closely with physicians and surgeons to ensure optimal outcomes for our patients.

All injury treatment is provided by licensed professionals. We are happy to accept new patients with orthopedic sprains/strains; recent fractures or surgery; work-related injuries; neurological issues such as post-stroke, nerve injuries, Multiple Sclerosis; vestibular, general weakness, balance and recent fall issues; and geriatrics. Our clinics accept and directly bill many of the major insurance carriers, as well as Worker’s Compensation carriers.

To find our clinics and hours of operations or to learn more about these services, contact us.