One-size fits all ergonomics — there is no such thing! Each person is distinctive, each workspace is different, and each job has its own set of issues. Workplace ergonomics is the science of fitting worksites to people with a focus on reducing ergonomic risks and ensuring employee health and safety while achieving sustainable gains in productivity.

Our certified ergonomics assessment specialists offer two levels of ergonomic evaluations: training programs for both management and employees to demonstrate the value of proper ergonomics, and consulting services for workspace design, product choices and workplace assessments. Our approach to workplace ergonomics is one-on-one in the worker’s environment to show them how to work safely and how to work smarter.


Ergonomic Screenings

Our ergonomics-trained staff makes an onsite visit, spending approximately 20 minutes with each employee evaluating the workstation set-up and makes recommendations that can be implemented immediately. These evaluations are recommended for those with minimal or no work-related symptoms or those who are at a low risk for musculoskeletal disorders.

Comprehensive Ergo Evaluations

These formal comprehensive ergonomic evaluations are recommended for those in high-risk jobs such as call centers, data entry or piece work, or those who are suffering from musculoskeletal disorders. BMI will provide a detailed report, including recommendations specific to the workspace and work station.

Tailored Ergonomic Training Programs

These group training programs targeting specific jobs and workers are designed to be detailed and interactive, demonstrating ways the employees can work safer and smarter, helping connect the dots between activities and physical issues.


Our specialists will work together with your company to analyze and advise improvements of specific tasks, processes and workstations to help minimize workplace injuries throughout all stages of employment, including:


  • Workstation Design
  • Product Choices
  • Work Risk Assessments
  • Job Site Assessments
  • Job Description Development
  • Pre/Post Employment Screenings
  • Wellness Program Enhancement

Learn more about how ergonomics can help minimize injuries in your work force.